Participating formations 2019

Compañia de danza y canto AYTUGAN FEDERACIÓN RUSA

The music, dance and singing group "AYTUGAN" was created in 2010, is directed by its creator, Alfiya Saifullina, laureate, award-winning and recognized director with many international successes.
The members of the set are students of the university, and some selected, are students of the school of energy and fuel.
The members of the group not only act on the scene but also spend a lot of time on a research activity. They gather and treat the little known works of folklore of song and dance, they try to restore the ancient rites of the Tartar and Bashkir peoples. The repertoire of the group is rich and varied. It includes dances and folk songs of Bashkiria and Tartarus, as well as dances from different parts of the Russian federation such as Russian, Mari El and others.

The performances of the group enjoy great success in each stage they perform. His professional ability, youth, charm, passion, strength along with his brightly colored costumes, all this arouses great interest and sympathy towards the young performers.

Ensemble "Aytugan" became a laureate of the international competitions "The Diamond of the East" and "On the Wings of Talent", has repeatedly participated and has become an award winner of the annual Republican Student Spring competition.