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The life of the School began in 1966 on the initiative of its founder, choreographer and director, Ángel Martínez Quesada: champion of Aragon three consecutive years (1968, 1969 and 1970), a certified choreographer, a member of the International Dance Council.
Choreographically, Ángel Martínez has been the renovator of our dance. Some samples: "La Dolores", "Gigantes y Cabezudos", "Una noche en Calatayud", "Bolero de Alcañiz", "Danza de los labradores", "Boda en Aragon", "Paloteo en memoria de unos valles" Sobresaliente"etc ... .., among his last choreographic montages we can highlight the World Inauguration of the International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008, the Great Gala de la Jota with all the champions of Aragon, the choreographies of the Day of Aragon in the Expo and the shows, Xotares y Mudanzas en tiempo de Jota in 2011 and the most recent: the coordination and direction of "Orar con la Jota ante la Virgen" as commemoration of the 1975 anniversary of the coming of the Virgin to Saragossa and the 125 anniversary of the "Cofradía del Rosario de Cristal".
The School of Angel Martínez Quesada, in 1977 founds "Raíces de Aragón".
Since then, and to date, he has been very active in the compilation and creation of new choreographies, which have been widely spread in its performances at regional, national and international level. Undoubtedly " Raíces de Aragón" has contributed to enrich our folklore helping to make it known all over the world.
All the history of "Raíces de Aragón" has been made possible thanks to its School of Folklore, to which it has dedicated mainly in its teaching activity, motivating its students and involving them in the project to show it to the public in different performances, giving it from the Direction of Raices, all the necessary support, being the School that gives new values ??to "Raíces de Aragon" in all its modalities.
The School of Angel Martinez, has given champions of Jota and directors of folk groups . Fruit of its labor and effort, this group, that today we present to you, won the contest of children's folk groups in the programme "Dándolo todo Jota" de Aragón Televisión.
The way of being and acting in these years of "Raíces de Aragón", has created School.