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Eskola Dantza Taldea ESPAÑA

The Schola was founded at the beginning of 1940 by JUAN URTEAGA being its first performance in the acts of the Holy Week of 1940. On April 10 of that year is considered the official date of its foundation.

During the first years his dedication is exclusively to sacred music, his greatest achievement being the staging of the Estampas de la Pasión both at Easter and Christmas on the stage of the Gran Kursaal.

It was from the 50s when the dance group, and required by Town Halls and Festivals Commissions, began to offer shows, without the participation of the Choir, in the Festivities and festivals. However, they continued to act together for the staging of several operas; Amaya, Txanton Piperri, Oleskari zarra, The Lady of Anboto. It is worth noting the participation in the Opera Amaya, which was directed by its author Jesús Guridi in (1952).

It is from 1983 when the need arises to present popular folklore giving it a scenic character with more packaging, but maintaining the original roots. This and the creation of new choreographies following the tradition in this aspect of ESKOLA, is what has distinguished us, achieving the greatest success both nationally and internationally.

Eskola Dantza Taldea perfectly combines traditional folklore with choreographies that, although somewhat more modern, are based on customs, mythology or everyday life in Euskal Herria.

Among the dances offered in their performances we can find: Agurra, Desafio, Ezpata dantza, Uztai dantza etc ... In addition to dances from Gipuzkoa, ESKOLA offers dances of the Duranguesado de Bizkaia, the Luzaide carnival and the Zuberoa masquerade among others.

Currently directed by Josetxo Fuentes.