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Raíces de Aragón ESPAÑA

The life of "Raices de Aragón" began, on the initiative of its founder, choreographer and director, Ángel Martínez Quesada: champion of Aragon,during three consecutive years (1968, 1969 and 1970), certified choreographer and permanent member of the International Dance Council.
Choreographically, Ángel Martínez has been the renovator of our dance. Some samples: "La Dolores", "Gigantes y Cabezudos", "A night in Calatayud", "Bolero de Alcañiz", "La jota vieja de Alagón", "Dance of the Labradors", "Mozárabe Wedding", "Paloteo en recuerdo of valleys", "Overcoming", "the Witch", etc. Special mention in the Europeade del 75, trophy of the RAI in the Scaletta Festival ... One of his last works has been the choreography of the official anthem of the inauguration of the International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008, televised for the whole world, Choreographies of the institutional act organized by the Government of Aragon and Grand Gala de la Jota, held at the Congress Palace of Expo 2008 and more recent choreographies of the shows " Xotares" and "Mudanzas en Tiempo de Jota", with great success for the press and the public.
He has participated in the festivals of Drummondville, Montreal, Quebec and Otawa (Canada), Waynesville Festival and North Carolina (United States), Naoussa Festival. Aridea and Thessaloniki (Greece), Sidmouth International Festival (England), Octodure International Folk Festival (Switzerland), besides having performed in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
"Raíces de Aragón" has contributed two long-play records to the Aragonese discography, recorded in 1978 and 1983, with 15 and 20 popular Aragonese songs, resulting from serious work and professional research.
Since 1986, "Raices de Aragón" has organized and participated (representing Aragon) in the International Meeting of Folklore City of Zaragoza, CIOFF INTERNATIONAL festival (UNESCO).He has also organized and participated in all editions of the Christmas Festival in Mozart Hall of the Auditorium of Zaragoza, and showing the representation of our Autonomous Community, in practically all the cities and towns of Spain, highlighting the Aragón-Canarias Twinning Days acting on TVE in the program Tenderete, First Festival of Traditional Music and Arts of the Autonomous Regions, held at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid and at the General Assembly of the South Sector of Europe and Africa of CIOFF and First Gala of Traditional Dance, organized by FACYDE of which it is a member, highlight the participation of "Raíces de Aragón" as one of the best groups of Zaragoza at the official opening and at various events held at the International Exhibition Zaragoza 2008. Among the most recent activities we will highlight the Press and Public Prize received at the Küçükçekmece Festival in Istanbul, (Turkey) and his participation in the International Popular Festivals in Chongqing (China) in the last tour of "Raíces de Aragón".