Participating formations 2019

Satit Silpakorn TAILANDIA

The Satit Sipakorn group from the city of Nakhon Pathom, has been selected by CIOFF Thailand to represent the folklore of their country in the EIFOLK.

Thailand is a place with a culture rich in artistic manifestations and performing arts. One of the most beautiful expressions that can be seen in the Asian country is that which takes place through its traditional dances.

Thai dance delighted royalty during various dynasties, especially in Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Rattanakosin. With these dances are celebrated times such as the harvest, the most important religious dates and other important moments for the community.

This scenic art is characterized by the grace and cadence of the movements, as well as by the expression, the hairstyles and make-up, the color and the beautiful clothes that the dancers wear. To achieve maximum expressiveness, in this dance the neck and body remain fairly upright as they flex their legs slightly and form beautiful figures with arms and hands.

It distinguishes between classical art and folkloric or "dance of the people". The first one shows a range of more stylized movements while the folkloric dances are more cheerful and show more vigor in their execution, even without losing the grace characteristic of the movements.

By region, the dance of the North is the most elegant and is closely linked to war as a stimulus against the battle and also to the transcendental moments of Thai religiosity. The dances of the South are more cheerful and represent above all the feeling of the people and some traditional stories. In the Center and the East, a great influence of agriculture, of life in the field and of crops is perceived.